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Lori's Yummy (Lower-Calorie!) Curry

I've decided to do something a little different... I'm going to start posting tried-and-true recipes that Jeff and I have made at least a couple times. This one is because Julie wants to make the curry, and I figured this would be an easy way to get the recipe to her, and preserve it for posterity :-)

The last several months, I have made variations on this recipe 3-4 times a month, and we eat it the night I make it and then pack it up for work that week. Since it's basically for a week's worth of lunches, it is a huge batch. Also, I like to get the paste, coconut milk, and bamboo at a local Asian grocery, because it's generally a LOT cheaper than at a grocery store.


*1/2 cup curry paste (We love Massaman. If you use green, red, etc ...

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Birthday Party and Slideshow

We had Nathan's birthday party this past Saturday, though it was mostly a gathering for adults with some cake and presents thrown in. Nathan got attention from real aunts, and surrogate aunts and a gramma, and he very happily destroyed his piece of cake.


He also very much enjoyed his balloons—in fact, he carried them around with him as much as he could!


I could go on, but this post is mainly about the slideshow I made to play on repeat during the part. I picked out a few pictures from Nathan's first month, and then one a month after that. All the effects and text and all were added on picnik.com—I can't rave enough about the site! It's so much easier than the traditional photo editors :-) Anyway, I posted the pictures on Facebook, but I know not everyone has Facebook, so here ...

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One Whole Year? How?

Well, today is Nathan's first birthday! Among other things, it means he is officially a toddler! He has just grown and developed so much in the past year, it's unbelievable... In just 365 days, he went from this:

Just barely born

To this:

Birthday Boy!

(To be fair, in the same amount of time, I went from this:

Holding Nathan!

To this:

Spikey hair

50 pounds, 17 inches of hair, and some red dye later...)

He's learned how to roll over, sit up, army-crawl, regular-crawl, cruise, and right now we're trying to figure out how to convince him that walking really is the way to go. His fine motor control is amazing—for a while, he's been picking up individual grains of rice to eat... Though sometimes, he does this with the rice instead:

It's Rice-boy!

He's a big fan of his books, though his favorite by far is Curly's Friends:

Curly's Friends

And it's ...

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Best Baby Brands

This is a compilation of brands that we have decided upon, mostly after a few months of trial. Price and quality are usually the factors, and in the case that I have opinions on the "losing" brands, I've offered them. This is mostly a reference for Jeff and I, but I also hope that someone comes across this list and it's helpful for them :-) I'm going to do another post later for "Best Mommy Brands," mostly post-baby and weight-loss stuff.

  • Diapers: Pampers. Pampers are far and away my first choice for diapers. They're a bit pricey, but it's easy enough to find coupons, and Walmart usually beats other stores by $3 or $4. The Walmart brand diapers are OK in a pinch... I found myself changing diapers a lot more often with those, because the material doesn't pull the mess away from Nathan's ...

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Cruise Report and 10-Month Thoughts

So we just got back from the Bahamian cruise with my family, and Nathan turns 10 months this week, so I figured I was long overdue for another blog post... maybe I'll even be able to resurrect the blog!

Things started off bumpy... Nathan had the potential beginnings of an ear infection Wednesday so we got a just-in-case prescription, the car wouldn't start Thursday morning, we realized we didn't know where Nathan's birth certificate was Thursday after we went to bed... and then when we got to the airport we realized we had no binkies and left the prescription in the fridge and the birth certificate on the kitchen table! But I called the pediatrician for another script, and had our friend use the spare key to get in the house and scan the birth certificate for us. We were out of luck for binkies till ...

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The House: Projects

Since moving in, we've had quite a few planned, unplanned, and unexpected projects done, and problems fixed.

We thought we could get the whole house painted before we moved in- turns out that had a fat chance. Since both of us work full time, and have a little one, it was difficult to really push forward with painting. Both of us were used to working as a team, and were afraid that painting alone would go slow enough between brushing and rolling that it wouldn't blend very well between the edges and the bulk of the wall surface. We just barely finished the painting upstairs a few weeks ago. We haven't even started on the basement.

Let's see if I can list out everything that we've completed, big and small:

  • Fix leak in kitchen drain pipe
  • Install new shower head
  • Install new vent and cold ...

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The House

We are now homeowners. We are very excited. We saw the house on Saturday, and then found out that night that there was already an offer. We needed to put a strong offer in the next Monday to have a shot. We took this video of the entire house when we went back to see it again before putting in the offer.

Hopefully, we'll have plenty more videos coming. The video app I wrote for this is at the "just barely passes for ...

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A few weeks ago we noticed that Nathan's eyes are turning towards a green color. Babies start out with gray or silver-looking eyes, and then get their color later on.

A few days after this observation was made, I picked him up off the floor to hand him off to Lori. A bubble was protruding from his face area. This, at first wasn't too special. He's been blowing spit bubbles since he was born. I then noticed that this wasn't the right color for this to be a spit bubble-- this was green!

As I turned him toward me, the bubble continued growing.

It was coming from his left nostril.

It kept growing and finally popped when it was about the size of a golf ball.

The lifetime of this bubble was about 3 seconds or so.

Just thought we'd share. :)

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Ba ba ba ba ba

Nathan has been making babbling noises for a long time now, and tonight while I was playing with him, I ended up just repeating "ba ba ba ba ba"... probably for about half an hour, varying pitches and volumes and such. Towards the end, he started going "ba ba ba" back at me! When he's not actually making the noises, he would open and close his mouth as if he was. It was lots of fun, and very cute--especially when I got him to really and truly belly-laugh! It was lots of fun, even though now I have cuts on the inside of my bottom lip from him grabbing at it.

It's been a while since we blogged. Nathan is so big now! He's probably about 16 pounds, which is almost 10 pounds more than when he was born! His doctor says that out of all the ...

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A Jar of Giggles

So, Nathan giggled first for Grandma and then Grandpa while we were visiting for Christmas. Now, he's giggling quite a bit more. Funny faces, funny sounds, and tickling can trigger baby giggles. He enjoys very much being laughed at as well.

It's amazing watching a little one grow up. Each little step is so subtle, but there is no way I would have been prepared for giggles when he was a newborn.

In Star Trek, Data found humor a very difficult concept to grasp. This is portrayed as something that is simply intuitively understood by humans. While I watch Nathan laugh, I don't see any logical or intuitive reason that he finds any particular thing we do funny-- especially since everything is essentially new anyway. Furthermore, it's baffling as to why Nathan has decided to produce a series of sounds interrupted by glottal stops. I do ...

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Baby Proofing?

So, the running theory is that our apartment will be impossible to baby proof and that we simply need to move to have any hope.

We're new to having a little one around (and will be new to having a whatever stage he happens to be at until we grow old and die) but from what I can tell, there are two types of baby proofing. The first kind is the kind that keeps baby safe. The second kind is the kind that keeps things safe from baby. There are two methods to executing both of these types of baby proofing: active and passive.

The first kind automatically takes priority because of parental instinct. Fortunately for wallets of parents with things that aren't cheap, there can and is overlap in keeping both baby and an expensive item safe. The most prominent example is a TV. We don't ...

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Christmas Newsletter

Christmas has already come and gone, but I thought I'd post the contents of our Christmas newsletter here. This letter was originally completed and printed somewhere around 15 Dec 2009, and mailed out to most of the people it got sent to shortly after that.

Hello friends and family!

2009 has been a big one for the Utah Andersons. We moved from our apartment to a house/duplex, added our kitty, Patrick, to the family, and found out Lori was pregnant, all just in January! The year continued to be one of changes, with Jeff taking time off school to work at Bluehost starting early February, moving again in May (the house we were renting was sold, and the new owners were going to remodel it into a single-family home), and finally the arrival of Nathan in September. Whew! We also managed to fly out to Rochester to visit ...

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Christmas List Site Update

I've spent a little time redoing several things on the Christmas list site to make it better, prettier, and more user-friendly. I was holding out on rolling out the changes for when the "add multiple items at once" feature was done, but it ended up taking too long. It's close enough to Christmas that I decided to roll everything else out. I hope to get the multiple item adding done between feedings and diaper changes, but it might be too late to be terribly useful.

I have also extended the invitation to my side of the family to use this site. If it gets to be too many people listed, I'll look at ways to make groups that represent each family in our extended tree. I don't think it'll be a problem, but if it is, it shouldn't be too hard to find a ...

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Baby's First Week (or so)

So, Nathan has been home for about a week and a half now. It's been pretty crazy with family coming and going. Diaper lifetimes are short. Burp cloths, blankets and baby clothes don't have much time either.

First things first. Here is a picture from when Nathan came home.

Nathan coming home

He is so little in his car seat.

Nathan was a little bit Jaundiced when he came home, but instead of having to go back to the hospital to be on the lights, we were able to rent a set that just stayed in his crib. He had to be there as much as he could. He looked like he was wearing a glowing little lantern.

Glowing baby

He had to be tested after a couple days of being home. The first test showed that he was borderline, so we had to take him back for another test to see if ...

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Poor Animals

Since Nathan is home now, I thought it best to help keep him as safe as possible from our pets.

The cat probably poses the most danger to an infant, specifically in his claws. Our cat is very well behaved, and we have trained him to not scratch things. He still takes his claws out when he plays, and sometimes he just plain forgets that he has them, and that they could hurt someone.

The bird's wing feathers had grown in, and we more or less let him fly from place to place (meaning from his cage, to his playground, to one of us, or vice-versa). Unfortunately, the bird like to go other places too, and has been known to buzz the cat by dive bombing. When he pulls out of his dive, he can end up just about anywhere in the apartment. The danger that the bird poses ...

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