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Baby's First Week (or so)

Author: Jeff Anderson

So, Nathan has been home for about a week and a half now. It's been pretty crazy with family coming and going. Diaper lifetimes are short. Burp cloths, blankets and baby clothes don't have much time either.

First things first. Here is a picture from when Nathan came home.

Nathan coming home

He is so little in his car seat.

Nathan was a little bit Jaundiced when he came home, but instead of having to go back to the hospital to be on the lights, we were able to rent a set that just stayed in his crib. He had to be there as much as he could. He looked like he was wearing a glowing little lantern.

Glowing baby

He had to be tested after a couple days of being home. The first test showed that he was borderline, so we had to take him back for another test to see if he was better. It took longer than we wanted to hear the results, so we had to keep the lights longer than we needed to, which is expensive.

Because family was in town, I got to go to work. Between the time that Lori's Mom left, and Lori's Dad was in town, I did take those days off.

Nathan has been taken on a few walks. Grandma, Mom, and myself took him on a little walk. Lori pushed the stroller, because walking around is important for her surgery recovery.

Lori pushing Nathan

I took him out by myself once, and I walked him around at a fairly brisk pace. It is cooling down, and it is perfect for moving around outside. Nathan still needs to be covered up, but I can go out in shorts still if I'm moving. I rolled over a few dead rosebush thorns on my way back to the house. The next day, the stroller tire was completely flat for the walk that Nathan, his Mom, and Grandpa took him on. Having a stroller that essentially has bike tires was a plus as far as I was concerned, but they still need the same maintenance that actual bike tires need. They now have thorn resistant tubes in them.

Posted: Oct 06, 2009 | Tags: Geekling Update Baby Musings

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