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Ba ba ba ba ba

Author: Lori Anderson

Nathan has been making babbling noises for a long time now, and tonight while I was playing with him, I ended up just repeating "ba ba ba ba ba"... probably for about half an hour, varying pitches and volumes and such. Towards the end, he started going "ba ba ba" back at me! When he's not actually making the noises, he would open and close his mouth as if he was. It was lots of fun, and very cute--especially when I got him to really and truly belly-laugh! It was lots of fun, even though now I have cuts on the inside of my bottom lip from him grabbing at it.

It's been a while since we blogged. Nathan is so big now! He's probably about 16 pounds, which is almost 10 pounds more than when he was born! His doctor says that out of all the babies he delivered in September, Nathan is the most advanced--he's rolling all over the place, giggling, and grabbing things to shove them in his mouth all the time now. He's sooo close to sitting up, too :-) He loves his crinkly toys, and we've bought several of the same thing so he can have one wherever he is :-) His eyes are lighter and lighter, and I think they're starting to turn green.

Jeff and I are doing well--Jeff finally shaved his scruff off, so that's always good :-) I've been back at work since mid-November, and although there was a while where I was thinking about quitting, things have gone a lot better since my boss quit :-p

Posted: Feb 08, 2010 | Tags: Geekling Update

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