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Author: Jeff Anderson

A few weeks ago we noticed that Nathan's eyes are turning towards a green color. Babies start out with gray or silver-looking eyes, and then get their color later on.

A few days after this observation was made, I picked him up off the floor to hand him off to Lori. A bubble was protruding from his face area. This, at first wasn't too special. He's been blowing spit bubbles since he was born. I then noticed that this wasn't the right color for this to be a spit bubble-- this was green!

As I turned him toward me, the bubble continued growing.

It was coming from his left nostril.

It kept growing and finally popped when it was about the size of a golf ball.

The lifetime of this bubble was about 3 seconds or so.

Just thought we'd share. :)

Posted: Feb 28, 2010 | Tags: Geekling Update Baby Musings

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