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Baby Proofing?

Author: Jeff Anderson

So, the running theory is that our apartment will be impossible to baby proof and that we simply need to move to have any hope.

We're new to having a little one around (and will be new to having a whatever stage he happens to be at until we grow old and die) but from what I can tell, there are two types of baby proofing. The first kind is the kind that keeps baby safe. The second kind is the kind that keeps things safe from baby. There are two methods to executing both of these types of baby proofing: active and passive.

The first kind automatically takes priority because of parental instinct. Fortunately for wallets of parents with things that aren't cheap, there can and is overlap in keeping both baby and an expensive item safe. The most prominent example is a TV. We don't have one of those gigantic TVs that won't tip over unless the whole house is literally turned upside down. We have a 37" lcd hdtv. It isn't super heavy, but it isn't exactly featherweight either. I can see a toddler pulling on the TV or on a cord, ending up with a broken arm under it, as well as a broken TV all in one shot. This vision of a hospital trip was enough to spark our first push towards a more baby-proofed front room.

The obvious solution with a flatscreen TV is to mount it on the wall. That part is easy. The DVD player, game console, other game console, other game console, home theater pc, cable box, satellite box, and any other componentry need to go somewhere other than the floor if the TV is going to be on the wall.

We went to IKEA and waded through choices for wall-mountable entertainment cabinets. After much deliberation and heartache over the details, we gave up and decided to look at other options. Basically, the only other option available was a simple shelf. We decided that IKEA's solution would be better than that, so we ended up going back. I still have to drill a hole in the side of the cabinet for cables, and we still have to get the actual TV wall mount, but we're essentially a one to two day project away from the TV itself from being safe from baby for a while.

We also got some cable hiders to go with the outfit. The end result should be nice, since it will (hopefully) open up the room a bit by getting my mess of cables off of the floor.

Going along the same idea, the home theater PC will be able to show all our DVDs on a menu, and the DVDs can be safe, locked away in a closet, away from the destructive force that reigned upon the VHS tapes, VHS cases, DVDs, and DVD cases owned by parents of last generation.

Posted: Jan 15, 2010 | Tags: Planning Ahead Baby Safety

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