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Christmas Newsletter

Author: Jeff Anderson

Christmas has already come and gone, but I thought I'd post the contents of our Christmas newsletter here. This letter was originally completed and printed somewhere around 15 Dec 2009, and mailed out to most of the people it got sent to shortly after that.

Hello friends and family!

2009 has been a big one for the Utah Andersons. We moved from our apartment to a house/duplex, added our kitty, Patrick, to the family, and found out Lori was pregnant, all just in January! The year continued to be one of changes, with Jeff taking time off school to work at Bluehost starting early February, moving again in May (the house we were renting was sold, and the new owners were going to remodel it into a single-family home), and finally the arrival of Nathan in September. Whew! We also managed to fly out to Rochester to visit Lori's family in February, and to Michigan for Lori's high school friend's wedding, where Jeff was a groomsman and Lori was just hugely pregnant.

Jeff began working at Bluehost, a webhosting company, in February as a level one technical support specialist. After a few months of working there, he was asked to teach a programming class in his free time, which he enjoyed a lot. He also impressed enough of the right people that in September he was promoted straight to a level three technical support specialist, basically answering questions for all the level one and twos. It was just in time, too... Jeff was going crazy answering phones all day, and his ear still occasionally hurts from his headset! He is on the path to moving out of support and becoming a System Administrator for the company. Jeff recently also got PRK laser eye surgery and is recovering well.

Throughout the year, Lori's belly grew and grew. We found out Nathan was a boy in early May (even though Lori was absolutely convinced up to this point that he was a girl!), but it took us a few months after that to settle on his name. By the time we flew to Michigan in late June, Lori was unmistakably pregnant, and we got all kinds of special service at the airports! We had maternity photos taken at the beginning of August, when Lori was just over seven months along. It was so much fun!

One thing that we did is take the jeffandlori.org domain that we used for our engagement page, and turn it into a blog where we can keep friends and family updated. We haven't made too many posts since Nathan was born, but we hope to start posting videos of Nathan in the near future.

Lori's year was eaten up by being pregnant. It was filled with obstetrician appointments, a few emergency room visits, bedrest, and more bedrest. She even had a temporary handicap parking pass for a while. After all was said and done, we have a healthy baby thanks to Lori's ordeal, commonly known as her pregnancy. Lori is coming up on two years working at Career Step, though recent changes has made her think about finding a different job. She is very much enjoying being a mommy, and Nathan is very much enjoying having her as his Mom.

Nathan is very cute. He was born on 22 September 2009 by way of cesarean section at the Utah Regional Medical Center in Provo. He weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces, and was only 19 inches long. Since then, he has grown to 12 pounds, and he likes to smile when his tummy is tickled. Though he hasn't started to audibly giggle yet, we can tell that there are giggles inside just waiting to come out. He has been sleeping through the night since he was about 6 weeks old, which makes us very happy, and he's also great about being passed around a room- which makes leaving him with our friend Sarah while we're at work much easier for everyone.

Patrick started out as a very scared cat. He is now extremely well adjusted, and socializes with strangers and looks out the window. For the most part, he just thinks that Nathan is good for sniffing. He tolerates the sounds and wiggles that come from the new baby, and we believe that he will do wonderful with a toddler around. The bird is sad because he gets almost no attention with the addition of a new baby to the household.

Well, that about sums up our year. It has been jam packed with baby stuff and lots of changes. We look forward to next year, which will hopefully be both more busy, and less busy, depending how you look at it.

Posted: Jan 15, 2010 | Tags: Christmas

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