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Cruise Report and 10-Month Thoughts

Author: Lori Anderson

So we just got back from the Bahamian cruise with my family, and Nathan turns 10 months this week, so I figured I was long overdue for another blog post... maybe I'll even be able to resurrect the blog!

Things started off bumpy... Nathan had the potential beginnings of an ear infection Wednesday so we got a just-in-case prescription, the car wouldn't start Thursday morning, we realized we didn't know where Nathan's birth certificate was Thursday after we went to bed... and then when we got to the airport we realized we had no binkies and left the prescription in the fridge and the birth certificate on the kitchen table! But I called the pediatrician for another script, and had our friend use the spare key to get in the house and scan the birth certificate for us. We were out of luck for binkies till I picked up a package on Saturday, and then Sunday my Aunt Donna brought us several packages worth of sterilized binkies and a bag of brilliant binkie clips!

But, after all that adventure, we had fun enjoying family in PA and then the cruise. Jeff got sunburned pretty bad in FL on Wednesday, but I think he's starting to get over it. We ate too much, played too much, and lazed too much, and had a great time! My parents got Jeff an early birthday present in the form of the behind-the-scenes tour of the ship (galley, laundry, bridge, etc), and he had a blast on that. I think my favorite parts were reading in the sun while Nathan napped in his stroller, dinner- and game-conversations with family, and watching Nathan and his interactions with everyone. I probably walked more than I had any week since I was in college, especially because there were times Nathan would only be happy on the move, and that felt great (it's probably the reason why I'm still using the same belt loop after a week completely off-diet...). Oh, and I got a bit tan... weird.

Nathan had an absolute blast on the cruise! He loooved the kiddie pool and the ocean, and it didn't even seem to phase him when he got the salt water in his eyes. Walking around was fun, because everyone talked to him and commented on how adorable he is (of course he is, but a mama likes to hear it now and then :-)). Dinner was fun, because he got a high chair, and bread and pasta and steamed veggies and even some stuff from mama's plate. Also, his girlfriend was at dinner ;-) Naps were tough, because he wouldn't sleep in the crib... once, he napped with me on the bed, but mostly we went to a pool deck or the buffet area and he people-watched until he fell asleep. Most of his sleeping also happened in our bed, but Thursday night he was in the crib the whole time!

He's been eating a lot more table food than baby food this past week—cereal, bananas, pastas, steamed carrots, etc. Pancakes are also a big hit. During our layover on the way home, we fed him sweet potato chunks with a fork, and it didn't phase him at all. It looks like I'll have to do more cooking, so we can feed Nathan more grown-up foods. He particularly enjoyed the bits of rolls we gave him, and he would alternate between eating those and throwing them on the floor to make bread minions. (You know... when you throw bread on the floor, and it grows arms and legs and a head—like the Pillsbury dough boy—and forms your own personal army!)

He had a ton of practice waving! Everyone thought he was incredibly adorable, especially in his bow tie/vest combo for formal nights. I think he's actually suffering from a culture shock of sorts, because here at the airport everyone is mainly doing their own thing and not paying attention to him. (Speaking of which, we have some absolutely adorable portrait pictures we got of him that we'll have to upload...) From all the shows and everything we went to, he's finally figured out clapping—he had only been doing it sporadically before. We've also started teaching him to high-five, but that's coming along slowly :-p

Related... he's such a flirt! His favorite girls to flirt with are the cute Asian girls—if this keeps up, we may end up with adorable half-Asian grandbabies in 22 years or so :-) He was always waving and smiling at everyone on the boat, and they all thought it was great! There was one bartender at dinner—she was from Thailand, wore massive amounts of eye makeup, and her name started with S... anyways, she was Nathan's favorite girlfriend on the cruise :-) she stopped by our table several times a night, for about 5 minutes at a time, and played with him and tickled him and such. Even if he was fussing, as soon as he saw her he started smiling and giggling!

Nathan has been cruising (as in, walking while holding things, not being on a cruise ship. Even though he -has- been doing that!) pretty splendidly for a while now, and a few days ago he climbed up a couple flights of stairs really quickly! In the last couple weeks, he has also started letting go of whatever he's holding on to, and standing on his own for a second or so at a time. He's so close to being able to stand! He's also been hands-and-knees-crawling a lot more reliably now, rather than army-crawling—my dad says he moves like a lizard or an iguana, and called him iguana-boy during the trip. When he crawls, he kinda curves his spine side to side, if that makes sense.

He has also gotten a lot more reliable at following the command "Come to mama!" It's pretty fun. I don't think he's quite figured out "Go to daddy!" yet, but I keep trying :-) "Can I have that?" is sporadic, but I haven't been doing that one as much.

He's also got two definite bottom teeth—one sprouted last Wednesday or so and the second sprouted on the cruise. He may be working on another bottom tooth or a top tooth, but he doesn't like letting me get in there and find out... the turkey. He -has- been especially drooly in the past week, the tip-a-bucket-of-drool amount. Yikes!

Posted: Jul 19, 2010 | Tags: Baby Musings

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