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The House: Projects

Author: Jeff Anderson

Since moving in, we've had quite a few planned, unplanned, and unexpected projects done, and problems fixed.

We thought we could get the whole house painted before we moved in- turns out that had a fat chance. Since both of us work full time, and have a little one, it was difficult to really push forward with painting. Both of us were used to working as a team, and were afraid that painting alone would go slow enough between brushing and rolling that it wouldn't blend very well between the edges and the bulk of the wall surface. We just barely finished the painting upstairs a few weeks ago. We haven't even started on the basement.

Let's see if I can list out everything that we've completed, big and small:

  • Fix leak in kitchen drain pipe
  • Install new shower head
  • Install new vent and cold air return covers
  • carpet ripped out and hard wood floors underneath repaired, sanded, and finished
  • installed new baseboard molding on newly finished hardwood floor surfaces
  • Remove mold from freezer
  • Termite extermination, whole-home treatment.
  • Mold removal in basement
  • Pressure limiter added for water main
  • new shutoff valve for water main, and water heater
  • water line run to fridge
  • Outlet installed for garage door opener
  • new garage door opener
  • new TPO roof on garage
  • swap cooler repaired, pads replaced
  • New hose bib installed
  • fiber optic internet "portal" box installed, fiber optic line run
  • Drywall and framing replaced in basement after mold removal
  • planted garden in existing garden box
  • New faucet stem installed for bathtub
  • New outlet and light switch covers
  • New swap cooler vent cover
  • New water supply line (ours started leaking really bad)

Here's on the still to do list

  • Replace and/or fix furnace
  • Repair/clean gutters
  • New carpet for basement and basement stairs
  • New door for the top of the basement stairs
  • New door for the baby bedroom in the basement (it was missing when we moved in)
  • Wire house with cat6 and coax
  • Repair carport/garage (missing a bit of trim)
  • Get the yard (grass) gorgeous!
  • Get the landscaping around the house done nicely
  • Get sprinkler system working properly
  • Install bathroom ventilation fan
  • Install replacement light fixtures

Here's on the maybe list:

  • rip up all the extra ugly concrete– three bedroom house, and we have a 52 car driveway, and a weird shaped front yard because of it
  • Add central AC
  • Install a ventilation hood in kitchen for stove
  • All new appliances

Here's on the "we hope not, but it's possible" list:

  • redo roof on house itself
  • repipe whole house
  • handle foundation trouble

Oh, and of course, the very first project that we started is still very much in progress. "On hold" is probably a better term, but we still have plenty to paint!

Posted: Jun 16, 2010 | Tags: Lists House

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