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One Whole Year? How?

Author: Lori Anderson

Well, today is Nathan's first birthday! Among other things, it means he is officially a toddler! He has just grown and developed so much in the past year, it's unbelievable... In just 365 days, he went from this:

Just barely born

To this:

Birthday Boy!

(To be fair, in the same amount of time, I went from this:

Holding Nathan!

To this:

Spikey hair

50 pounds, 17 inches of hair, and some red dye later...)

He's learned how to roll over, sit up, army-crawl, regular-crawl, cruise, and right now we're trying to figure out how to convince him that walking really is the way to go. His fine motor control is amazing—for a while, he's been picking up individual grains of rice to eat... Though sometimes, he does this with the rice instead:

It's Rice-boy!

He's a big fan of his books, though his favorite by far is Curly's Friends:

Curly's Friends

And it's been his favorite since at least March! In August or so he figured out how to roll things along the floor, and that's also great fun. In the past week, he has discovered that balloons are hilarious, and they're probably his new favorite toy—good thing we can get them for free at some grocery stores and craft stores! One of his other favorite toys is the kitten we got in July. Those two will just play and play together, though Nathan almost always has scratches on his hands and feet because of it.

Nathan is also so stinkin clever! He's really good at figuring things out—like how to escape the baby-trap in Sarah's front room, and how to correctly hold and use an Xbox controller the first time he picked one up. We have also been doing baby signs with him, and so far he has correctly and consistently used "eat" "drink" "more" "dog" and "all done." Though, he calls everything with fur and four legs a dog.... And whenever he sees a REAL dog he gets so excited! It's pretty adorable. He is also working on how to get out of his baby-cage at our house:


Nathan very much likes eating, too. One of his favorite foods is banana, though he also loves Fruit Loops and chocolate cake. (Mama had to bribe him to stay away from the cat food the other day...) Some things he has tried and loved are: Pickles, sushi (no raw fish, though!), massaman curry, pickled ginger, chicken nuggets, and macaroni and cheese. He just loves those strong flavors! And, he working on some teeth, so he can actually eat more... He's got four great looking teeth—his two bottom middle ones, and his two top incisors. I wish I had a good pictures, because he definitely looks like a little vampire baby :-) Popping the top two were pretty unpleasant—is it too much to hope that the rest of his teeth with be as easy as his first two?

Oh, and this child is a FLIRT! He's very sociable, and grins at all the pretty ladies he sees... But there's definitely a special place in his heart for Asian girls! We went on a cruise over the summer, and there was a waitress from Thailand that would always come to our dinner table and play with him... And he looooved her! Whenever we go out and Nathan sees an Asian girl, he just turns up the charm... grinning at her, trying to play peek-a-boo, handing her whatever he has... He'll be a heartbreaker, all right!

What a flirt!

He has done so much in the past twelve months... What will the next twelve bring?

Gotta love this boy...

Posted: Sep 22, 2010 | Tags: Geekling Update
  • lyn lundberg said at Oct 26, 2010:
  • Loved this entry. Sorry we missed Nathan's big day but you may have heard that your grandfather kept me busy running to drs. and hospitals in Sept. I am sending a belated gift and our love. Gramma Lyn

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