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Baby Proofing?

So, the running theory is that our apartment will be impossible to baby proof and that we simply need to move to have any hope.

We're new to having a little one around (and will be new to having a whatever stage he happens to be at until we grow old and die) but from what I can tell, there are two types of baby proofing. The first kind is the kind that keeps baby safe. The second kind is the kind that keeps things safe from baby. There are two methods to executing both of these types of baby proofing: active and passive.

The first kind automatically takes priority because of parental instinct. Fortunately for wallets of parents with things that aren't cheap, there can and is overlap in keeping both baby and an expensive item safe. The most prominent example is a TV. We don't ...

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Permalink | Posted: Jan 15, 2010 | Tags: Planning Ahead Baby Safety

Poor Animals

Since Nathan is home now, I thought it best to help keep him as safe as possible from our pets.

The cat probably poses the most danger to an infant, specifically in his claws. Our cat is very well behaved, and we have trained him to not scratch things. He still takes his claws out when he plays, and sometimes he just plain forgets that he has them, and that they could hurt someone.

The bird's wing feathers had grown in, and we more or less let him fly from place to place (meaning from his cage, to his playground, to one of us, or vice-versa). Unfortunately, the bird like to go other places too, and has been known to buzz the cat by dive bombing. When he pulls out of his dive, he can end up just about anywhere in the apartment. The danger that the bird poses ...

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Permalink | Posted: Oct 01, 2009 | Tags: Planning Ahead Baby Safety