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Birthday Party and Slideshow

We had Nathan's birthday party this past Saturday, though it was mostly a gathering for adults with some cake and presents thrown in. Nathan got attention from real aunts, and surrogate aunts and a gramma, and he very happily destroyed his piece of cake.


He also very much enjoyed his balloons—in fact, he carried them around with him as much as he could!


I could go on, but this post is mainly about the slideshow I made to play on repeat during the part. I picked out a few pictures from Nathan's first month, and then one a month after that. All the effects and text and all were added on picnik.com—I can't rave enough about the site! It's so much easier than the traditional photo editors :-) Anyway, I posted the pictures on Facebook, but I know not everyone has Facebook, so here ...

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One Whole Year? How?

Well, today is Nathan's first birthday! Among other things, it means he is officially a toddler! He has just grown and developed so much in the past year, it's unbelievable... In just 365 days, he went from this:

Just barely born

To this:

Birthday Boy!

(To be fair, in the same amount of time, I went from this:

Holding Nathan!

To this:

Spikey hair

50 pounds, 17 inches of hair, and some red dye later...)

He's learned how to roll over, sit up, army-crawl, regular-crawl, cruise, and right now we're trying to figure out how to convince him that walking really is the way to go. His fine motor control is amazing—for a while, he's been picking up individual grains of rice to eat... Though sometimes, he does this with the rice instead:

It's Rice-boy!

He's a big fan of his books, though his favorite by far is Curly's Friends:

Curly's Friends

And it's ...

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A few weeks ago we noticed that Nathan's eyes are turning towards a green color. Babies start out with gray or silver-looking eyes, and then get their color later on.

A few days after this observation was made, I picked him up off the floor to hand him off to Lori. A bubble was protruding from his face area. This, at first wasn't too special. He's been blowing spit bubbles since he was born. I then noticed that this wasn't the right color for this to be a spit bubble-- this was green!

As I turned him toward me, the bubble continued growing.

It was coming from his left nostril.

It kept growing and finally popped when it was about the size of a golf ball.

The lifetime of this bubble was about 3 seconds or so.

Just thought we'd share. :)

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Ba ba ba ba ba

Nathan has been making babbling noises for a long time now, and tonight while I was playing with him, I ended up just repeating "ba ba ba ba ba"... probably for about half an hour, varying pitches and volumes and such. Towards the end, he started going "ba ba ba" back at me! When he's not actually making the noises, he would open and close his mouth as if he was. It was lots of fun, and very cute--especially when I got him to really and truly belly-laugh! It was lots of fun, even though now I have cuts on the inside of my bottom lip from him grabbing at it.

It's been a while since we blogged. Nathan is so big now! He's probably about 16 pounds, which is almost 10 pounds more than when he was born! His doctor says that out of all the ...

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Baby's First Week (or so)

So, Nathan has been home for about a week and a half now. It's been pretty crazy with family coming and going. Diaper lifetimes are short. Burp cloths, blankets and baby clothes don't have much time either.

First things first. Here is a picture from when Nathan came home.

Nathan coming home

He is so little in his car seat.

Nathan was a little bit Jaundiced when he came home, but instead of having to go back to the hospital to be on the lights, we were able to rent a set that just stayed in his crib. He had to be there as much as he could. He looked like he was wearing a glowing little lantern.

Glowing baby

He had to be tested after a couple days of being home. The first test showed that he was borderline, so we had to take him back for another test to see if ...

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