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The House: Projects

Since moving in, we've had quite a few planned, unplanned, and unexpected projects done, and problems fixed.

We thought we could get the whole house painted before we moved in- turns out that had a fat chance. Since both of us work full time, and have a little one, it was difficult to really push forward with painting. Both of us were used to working as a team, and were afraid that painting alone would go slow enough between brushing and rolling that it wouldn't blend very well between the edges and the bulk of the wall surface. We just barely finished the painting upstairs a few weeks ago. We haven't even started on the basement.

Let's see if I can list out everything that we've completed, big and small:

  • Fix leak in kitchen drain pipe
  • Install new shower head
  • Install new vent and cold ...

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The House

We are now homeowners. We are very excited. We saw the house on Saturday, and then found out that night that there was already an offer. We needed to put a strong offer in the next Monday to have a shot. We took this video of the entire house when we went back to see it again before putting in the offer.

Hopefully, we'll have plenty more videos coming. The video app I wrote for this is at the "just barely passes for ...

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