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Best Baby Brands

This is a compilation of brands that we have decided upon, mostly after a few months of trial. Price and quality are usually the factors, and in the case that I have opinions on the "losing" brands, I've offered them. This is mostly a reference for Jeff and I, but I also hope that someone comes across this list and it's helpful for them :-) I'm going to do another post later for "Best Mommy Brands," mostly post-baby and weight-loss stuff.

  • Diapers: Pampers. Pampers are far and away my first choice for diapers. They're a bit pricey, but it's easy enough to find coupons, and Walmart usually beats other stores by $3 or $4. The Walmart brand diapers are OK in a pinch... I found myself changing diapers a lot more often with those, because the material doesn't pull the mess away from Nathan's ...

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The House: Projects

Since moving in, we've had quite a few planned, unplanned, and unexpected projects done, and problems fixed.

We thought we could get the whole house painted before we moved in- turns out that had a fat chance. Since both of us work full time, and have a little one, it was difficult to really push forward with painting. Both of us were used to working as a team, and were afraid that painting alone would go slow enough between brushing and rolling that it wouldn't blend very well between the edges and the bulk of the wall surface. We just barely finished the painting upstairs a few weeks ago. We haven't even started on the basement.

Let's see if I can list out everything that we've completed, big and small:

  • Fix leak in kitchen drain pipe
  • Install new shower head
  • Install new vent and cold ...

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Things That Made Me Cry This Week

  • Having to go back home and get my glasses
  • Getting the wrong corn dog at the gas station (it was mislabeled)
  • My work computer acting up
  • Nothing
  • The bird that flew into my window at work and eventually died
  • My popcorn was expired, and didn't pop well
  • Being hungry (those two are related)
  • My work computer acting up again
  • Telling Jeff about the above
  • I forgot to put my rings on before I left home
  • Nothing
  • I couldn't find the maternity section at Target
  • Reading about labor
  • My doctor was supposed to call me, so I called his office and he was gone for the day
  • Reading about pregnancy and/or babies--good, bad, annoying, and neutral
  • The dishes (ok, maybe that one's justified... Maybe)
  • Phone was acting up
  • Getting told that Provo City is buying the house we live in, so we're getting kicked out in ...

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Things Nobody Told Me

I considered myself relatively well-informed about pregnancy, at least intellectually. I knew that I'd probably get morning sickness, that "morning" sickness is a misnomer, that my ankles and legs would swell as I started to retain water like crazy. I knew that I'd have crazy food cravings, and send Jeff to the store at all hours to get me something weird, like chocolate cupcakes with shredded carrots on top (Disclaimer: Not an actual craving. Yet.). I knew that the most important weeks for nutrition and health are weeks 3-8, during which most women don't know they're pregnant, so it's important to take prenatal vitamins, drink less caffiene, and not do anything super-dangerous if I'm even trying to get pregnant. I knew that I'd likely have thicker hair... everywhere. But here are the things that nobody ever told me about being pregnant...

  • I'm ...

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